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Cape x Cairo x Car

Welcome to our website! You have to be slightly deranged to want to DRIVE from London to Cape Town (“what’s wrong with the plane?” my father asked) but if you are fascinated with Africa, own a Land Rover and love driving adventures then it seemed like a pretty obvious dream to us.

We were hugely lucky to be able to realise this dream. Starting 2nd January 2010, we hit the road in our trusty Range Rover with Cape Town firmly set in our sights. 

After 5 months, 18,000 miles, 19 countries and many great adventures, we reached our goal. Two people, one Range Rover, London to Cape Town, the Lilongwe Down!

Home: Lilongwe Down

The Team


Prior to this trip I have hardly scratched the surface of the African continent having only visited the Pyramids of Giza, the sands of the Ivory Coast and the souks of Tunisia. So this will be a real voyage of discovery!

I love intrepid travel having been jungle trekking in Borneo, travelled around Cambodia and lived and worked in China.  Maybe my Mandarin will come in handy in Africa.

I’m really looking forward to camping under the stars, seeing if I can rustle something tasty up on the Primus and soaking up the changing landscapes as we wend our way down the continent.

The Rangie

The third, but arguably the most important member of our team! A Range Rover Td6, made in Solihull, UK but designed in Germany it is half German, and also essentially a Brummie. Just like Raymond...

Annoyed with being called a Chelsea Tractor, it’s pleased to have been selected for this mission to show what it really can do. And to kick some dust in the faces of all those tedious Toyota Landcruisers that everyone tells us we should be using instead.


Six months of living in South Africa way back in 1995 kicked off an ever increasing fascination with the ‘dark’ continent, particularly because it made me realise how obsessed journalists are about reporting only the bad bits. Which is a real shame.

After many subsequent trips to South Africa, I’ve started to explore other countries and I’ve now been to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia as well.

For me this trip is a great adventure, but it is also a personal research trip to test the temperature on the ground - what opportunities are there on the continent today?